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Welcome to the Radboud Center for Mitochondrial Medicine. The RCMM is an international expert center for clinical care, diagnostics and research for patients with or suspected of having a mitochondrial energy disorder. The RCMM integrates all mitochondrial related care, diagnostics and research within the Radboud University Medical Center. The RCMM is part of an extended network of international research centers, patient organisations and other stakeholders across the globe. The RCMM is powered by governmental bodies and national and international foundations.

Inner membrane

The mitochondrial inner membrane is a lipid bilayer that contains various protein complexes, including the oxidative phosphorylation system.

Intermitochondrial space

The space between the mitochondrial inner and outer membranes is called the intermitochondrial space


Enveloped by the inner membrane, the mitochondrial matrix is the fluid central compartment of the mitochondrion.

Outer membrane

The mitochondrial outer membrane forms the gatekeeper between the mitochondrion and the rest of the cell.

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    "The RCMM mission is to understand cellular bioenergetics in health and disease at all levels of complexity in order to develop preventive measures and make substantial contributions towards the development of rational treatment strategies for mitochondrial disease. As such a from molecule to man - to population - to patient, strategy has been adopted."

    Prof. Dr. Jan Smeitink – Chairman of the Board


    Patient care

    At the RCMM clinic patient care is central. In addition to providing diagnosis, councelling, and supportive care, all activities are aimed at developing a therapy for mitochondrial disorders.

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    RCMM diagnostics focuses on the genetic as well as enzymatic defects causing mitochondrial disorders. If the cause remains unfound, after informed consent, further research is performed.

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    Our research covers a wide range of topics all focused on gaining a better understanding of the molecular and physiological consequences of mitochondrial disorders as well as finding entry points for therapy. 

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    If you would like to learn more about the RCMM or about mitochondrial disorders feel free to visit our patient care pages, to visit our archives, to order our brochure, or to submit a question below.

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    Together with a panel of international experts, we have created a clinical guide on Mitochondrial Medicine. This illustrated booklet provides an extensive overview of mitochondrial disease, and can be ordered.

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