Mitochondrial structure and function

Coordinator: Prof Ulrich Brandt

In this theme we study the molecules that form the structural basis and execute the various functions of mitochondria. Elucidating the structure, function, assembly and dynamics of proteins and protein complexes and understanding their interactions and dynamics is indispensable for achieving profound knowledge about mitochondrial physiology and prerequisite to developing causal treatment strategies of human disease. We thrive to obtain comprehensive insights into the molecular basis of mitochondrial function by applying a wide range of approaches ranging from structural biology, biochemistry and proteomics to cell biology and bioinformatics. The primary focus points of the research groups the working together in theme Mitochondrial Structure and Function are complex I, complexome dynamics, organ specificity, and environmental/nutritional aspects of mitochondrial disorders. 

Research Topics


 Prof. Alain van Gool


 Prof. Martijn Huijnen 

 Mitochondrial DNA Maintenance 

 Dr. Hans Spelbrink  

 Molecular Bioenergetics

 Prof. Ulrich Brandt