Cellular consequences of mitochondrial disorders

Coordinator: Dr Richard Rodenburg

The aim of the “cellular consequences” research theme is to understand how mitochondrial energy metabolism is connected to cell biological processes. Research is performed at various levels of complexity and involves both a holistic, systems biology approach, as well as in-depth analysis of important cell biological processes coupled to mitochondrial function. An important area of research within this theme is the study of the pathophysiological cellular consequences of disturbances in the mitochondrial oxidative ATP generating system. Often patient-derived cell lines carrying pathogenic mutations are used for this research. There is a close collaboration with the two other NCMD research themes, in order to contribute to the common goal: the development of novel strategies to treat mitochondrial disorders. 

Research Topics

 Mitochondrial Neurogenetics  

 Dr. Annette Schenck

 Mitochondrial Physiology

 Dr. Peter Willems 

 Mitochondrial Dynamics

 Dr. Werner Koopman


Mitochondrial Biochemistry

 Dr. Richard Rodenburg